Managing and Marketing for Pasture-Based Livestock Production

Publication Number: NRAES-174
Cost: $21.00
Length: 116 pages
Published: 2006
ISBN: 0-935817-99-9, 978-0-935817-99-7
Authors: Edward B. Rayburn, Editor

Essential information for producers to manage and market a goal-oriented forage-livestock system, helping them determine whether or not the business venture will be feasible, develop mission and goals, enhance marketplace knowledge, and better evaluate consumer demand. Scroll down for a chapter and author list.

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Chapter List


Chapter 1: An Introduction To Pasture-Based Livestock Production

Edward B. Rayburn, Bill Murphy, E. Ann Clark


Chapter 2: Vision, Mission, And Goals

Lisa Holden, David Grusenmeyer


Chapter 3: Resource Inventories In Farm Planning

Darrell L. Emmick, Julian Drelich, Jr., James S. Hill


Chapter 4: Allocation Of Farm Resources

Stephen A. Ford, Wesley N. Musser


Chapter 5: Marketing Commercial Feeder Cattle

Phillip I. Osborne, James Y. Pritchard


Chapter 6: Dairy Marketing

Geoffrey A. Benson


Chapter 7: Direct Marketing

Thomas R. McConnell


Chapter 8: Hay Marketing

R. Mark Sulc, Marvin H. Hall, Lester R. Vough




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