The Pond Guidebook

Publication Number: NRAES-178
Cost: $19.75
Length: 76 pages
Published: 2007
ISBN: 978-1-933395-13-5
Authors: Jim Ochterski et al
Features: 34 photos, 24 illustrations, management tips, fish selection advice, weed control strategies, pond assessment form

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The Pond Guidebook contains scores of management tips and insights for pond owners and those considering  constructing a pond. It addresses key topics like water chemistry, construction, safety, aquatic weed management, fish selection and stocking, nuisance wildlife, annual maintenance and more. Based on research, experiences of pond owners, and hundreds of site visits, this book is written in non-technical language, and includes 58 photographs and illustrations.

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The guidebook is written for ponds of 1/8 acre or larger in the Northeast, the Great Lakes, and Mid-Atlantic United States. The authors explain the causes of many common pond problems and review the advantages and drawbacks of various treatments. The book suggests practices that minimize negative impacts on the environment, promote healthy ecosystems, encourage responsible use of chemicals, and enhance biological diversity.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments iv
About the Authors v
Foreword 1
Chapter 1 Getting to Know Your Pond 5
Chapter 2 Pond Construction and Maintenance 23
Chapter 3 Fish Management in Ponds 39
Chapter 4 Aquatic Plants and Weeds in Ponds 49
Chapter 5 Attracting and Managing Wildlife at a Pond 61
Chapter 6 Pond Recreation, Safety, and Fire Suppression 65
Appendix A Pond Assessment Form 71
Appendix B Sources of Pond Maintenance Supplies 75
Photo and Image Credits 76

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