Broadleaved Shrubs and Shade Trees: Problems, Picture Clues, and Management Options

Publication Number: NRAES-183
Cost: $35.00
Length: 180 pages
Published: 2009
ISBN: 9781933395166
Authors: Mary Kay Malinoski and David Clement
Features: 430+ color photos, photo-based key to symptoms, spiral binding, compact.

Broadleaved Shrubs and Shade Trees 

Problems, Picture Clues, and Management Options



Why didn’t my azaleas flower this year? … Why is my maple tree showing its fall colors in July? … What’s been chewing little round holes in the leaves of my roses? … What’s causing those unsightly brown spots on the flowers of my prized dogwood?

The answers to these questions and more can be found in a guide published in 2009 by NRAES, now PALS Publishing.

After observing the problem in a shrub and shade tree, the reader will then follow the guide’s easy-to-use, photo-based problem key to zero in on the cause. Management strategies are suggested for most problems. The guide will be a valuable resource for home and master gardeners, students, educators, and horticultural consultants. It will also be a useful addition to garden-center bookshelves and landscape-oriented mail-order catalogs.

Features of the guide include:

•    Pictures and descriptions of over 125 abiotic problems, diseases, insects, and more.
•    430+ color photos
•    180+ pages
•    Introductory chapter on diagnostics and nonchemical management strategies
•    Photo-based key to symptoms and possible causes
•    Compact, spiral-bound design with laminated cover
•    Glossary

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Chapter List

Chapter 1:     IPM, Diagnostic Skills, and Problem Management

Chapter 2:     Symptoms and Possible Causes: Broadleaved Woody Ornamentals Problem Key
Chapter 3:    Abiotic Problems
Chapter 4:    Diseases
Chapter 5:    Insects
Chapter 6:    Wildlife
Chapter 7:    Miscellaneous Organisms

About the Authors

Mary Kay Malinoski received a B.S. in entomology from the University of Delaware and an M.S. in pest management from the University of California Riverside. She is a regional specialist in entomology at the Home and Garden Information Center, University of Maryland Cooperative Extension. She manages the Center’s web site (WWW.HGIC.UMD.EDU) and its Plant Diagnostic Web Site (PLANTDIAGNOSTICS.UMD.EDU). Malinoski has over 25 years of experience in plant pest/problem diagnostics. She is also involved with regional and national residential IPM programming as co-leader of the Community IPM Working Group, Northeastern IPM Center.

David L. Clement received his Ph.D. in plant pathology from Purdue University. He currently serves as plant pathologist for the Home and Garden Information Center, University of Maryland Cooperative Extension (WWW.HGIC.UMD.EDU). The Home and Garden Information Center is a unique extension program that offers environmental horticulture information to the public nationwide through a 1-800 phone service, a diagnostic web site (PLANTDIAGNOSTICS.UMD.EDU), and fact sheets. The Center also fosters applied environmental horticulture research projects for the green industries.

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